We helped a Swiss fintech startup design and build a new investment brand and platform from the ground up.



Brand Design

RENDERING  & Animation

Product Strategy

Product Design



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Re-invent the white glove investment game for high net-worth individuals looking to build a financially appreciating portfolio of collectibles and once in a lifetime experiences.


We tackled the challenge from all angles - branding, identity, design, user experience, customer service and technology - using best in class processes to create a high end experience to match the investments on offer. Leaving the client with an app that was scalable and manageable as the business moved forward.

Tend Login Screen

Product strategy

A clean, high-end experience

The app itself needed to feel like the perfect environment in which to display the assets. It had to feel polished, slick, expensive, but not become the experience itself. In reality it was a frame to showcase the vintage cars, collectible watches, vineyards and other assets the user was being invited to invest in.


A tactile and distinctive identity

Tend needed to have a distinct, impactful look and feel, that comprised a deep color palette allowing for motion design and 3D elements. The investments were digital but needed to feel tangible through their presentation.

VISUAL DESIGN • motion design • 3d

Three-dimensional depth & motion

We used 3D and motion to add depth to the design to help the product come to life and given the investments on offer more weight and relevance.

Product design & delivery

Making investments attractive & simple

Finding a clean, clear way to present investments in a visually enticing way was key. We took an editorial approach with full screen visuals, retaining the vital information a user would need to begin making an investment decision. This enabled them to understand what was on offer, how long they had to make their decision and how much it would cos for them to get involved.


Mobile App Mockups
Claim example in the app

PRODUCT DESIGN • Product delivery

Beyond the headline

The user's naturally needed access to the small print to learn more about the investment. We build a tiled based content system the enabled the platform to present important facts and information in digestible chunks, along side high quality photography, so the overall high-end impact was retained.

PRODUCT DESIGN • Product delivery

Financials & value assessment

Ultimately the investments are all about the financials, and Tend was no different. We prioritised the most important financials details to surface them easily and accessibility for the user. We designed and built a bespoke graphing and charting module that fit the types of investments the platform had to offer to make assessment by the user as simple as it could be.

PRODUCT DESIGN • Product delivery

Events and booking

Tend's investments were just financial, each one came with a unique experience. The challenge was to present a booking engine for said events in the editorial style and keep the UX intuitive for the user.


Explaining the platform to new markets

Tend was primarily a mobile platform, but because investment opportunities appealed to a new audience, not necessarily used to investing in this way, the website was key to explaining to users what Tend was all about and how it worked.

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