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Making a Precision Medicine consultancy stand out from the crowd


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Decibio website mockup
"Decibio" website mockup


Decibio were continuing to grow in the precision medicine consultancy field as subject specialists playing an active part in the community. In a consultancy field that was often dry, and driven by heavy documents full of data, was there a way to showcase their modern approach, making them stand out without diminishing their authority.


Beginning with a series of brand strategy workshops we cut to the core of what made them different, and understand how their products, particular specialisms and contribution to the precision medicine community made them different. Learning not just about the work, but the ambitions and personalities of the team enabled us to draw on more influences from outside the consultancy field to create an authoritative brand with personality, that wasn't going to look dated by the latest piece of research.


Scientific, precise, visually interesting

Taking inspiration from Decibio's research, data sets and their areas of specialism, we designed branding assets that were visually enticing, but wouldn't become dated as soon as the next generation of research tools hit the market.


DeciBio Icon
DeciBio Icon

Collateral & Branding depth

Decibio weren’t a digital only brand that could just live on the website. Their brand had to live through products, printed reports, conference and event spaces, presentations and so on. We had to find a branding approach that could work seamlessly across all these asset types.

Brand strategy
Brand strategy
Brand strategy
Brand strategy
DeciBio branding banners


Precise, clear and authoritative

Compared to the Mckinseys and Bain & Cos of the consulting world, Decibio will remain a smaller fish, so as the first touch point for many potential customers their website had to clearly showcase their attributes as well as their authority and depth of practices. Clean, clear, and specifically focused on Precision Medicine.

webflow build

High content turnover, multiple editors

Decibio produce a large amount of content of various types across their reports, articles, blog posts and editorial. This content need to be created by a number of different team members. The priority for the Webflow build was to create an easy to use component system and CMS that could be accessed and updated by team members with a variety of levels of experience and technical knowledge.


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