Digital evolution for most comprehensive pet insurance provider in North America


Brand Design

Visual Design & Animation

Product Strategy: Policy purchase & Self Service

Design Library

Website & Content framework

Delivery OF Mobile, webapp, web

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Simply: what should Pet Insurance be in the next 5 years? And how do we get there?


We began with innovation sprints, designed to cover a lot of ground quickly and establish where we should delve deeper. From there, we prioritised items that would bring the biggest customer benefit and went about implementing them.

Stage 1

Innovation sprints

Spreading the net far and wide, we delved into the insurance, medical, technology, IOTA, subs markets and way beyond to see what was possible, and where we could take Petplan.

Stage 2

Working sessions

Working with the business, CX, Claims and technology teams at Petplan we listened (a lot), we learnt (a lot), and collectively moved towards a UX that would solve both customer and business needs.

Stage 3

POCs, UI and voice

With a map of where we were and where we were heading now in place, we started to join the dots with technology proof of concepts, UI and branding exploration to start testing our assumptions.

Stage 4

Build, build and build

Working in one week sprints, we built fast, failed faster, and re-built better. By September Petplan had their new sales funnel, marketing site and self-service app for Android, iOS and the web.

ARt Direction

A unique, clear and approachable experience

Stripping away the jargon of pet insurance, we focused on a user-friendly tone of voice and visual style, helping customers feel comfortable with the Petplan experience so they could focus on keeping their pets healthy, not reading legal definitions about coverage.

Proud dog that ate the remote

Protection not Insurance

Members not Policy holders

Subscription not Premium

Benefits not Coverage

Cute pets on the coloured background

product strategy • web design • POLICY PURCHASE

A simplified, UX-driven, purchase flow
to boost conversion.

Along with refreshing the design of Petplan’s marketing website we modernised their CMS, reducing the time to create and update pages from weeks to minutes.

Using a system of flexible components and creative assets, we set up a Webflow system that enabled the internal Petplan team to design and build pages with ease.



Solve business needs

The app requirements were clear. Reduce call volume to the service center (wiping $1m off costs), and build a foundation for a forthcoming re-brand and future features.
Create an app that works today, but facilitates an evolution from pet insurance to pet care.


Improve the UX

From claim filing to onboarding, we swept the cobwebs off, learnt what currently worked and what didn’t, and started design from scratch. The result: a new app built using the latest technologies and reflecting the overhauled feel and tone of voice.


Bot driven UI

We placed a conversational UI at the core of the product, using best-in-class third party services ( and Amazon Lex) to create a scalable methodology for new features and AI capable of solving a customer's problems before they knew they existed.


Future proof

The key was to build on Petplan’s reputation with an accessible product experience that enabled them to stay ahead of the new “insure tech” players in the market, while retaining that understanding of how policy holders expect  to be treated today.


Submit a claim easily
and quickly

A chat led interface simplified the complexity of the claim submission process, lowering calls to the customer service center, and resulting in a reduction of submitted claims missing vital information, speeding up processing time and decreasing the need for agent intervention.

A win for both the customers and the business.

Claim example in the app


What’s the latest on my claim?

Clear and simple modules allowed the user to track their claim at any time from the self service app. Stripping back the detail into an easy to follow module, and letting the user delve into the details if they needed  or wanted to.

Protection plan example in the app


Make the the app work
for the user

Their policy was no longer a small print PDF that inevitably left them reaching for the phone. Instead we gave them the key details in an “at a glance” view so they could get back to throwing the ball for their dog (or cat).

User's dashboard in the app


The right information, at the right time

Again, stripping back the detail and giving the policy holder the right information, in the right place, at the right time with contextual dashboard featuring what was important to them, meant they could get the latest information on their pet’s care with one tap.

Mobile App Mockups

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