Rapid development of a multi-language COVID-19 testing and tracking platform for Germany’s travel hubs




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EcoCare, an arm of a German-based logistics company, had set up a series of rapid turnaround Covid testing laboratories across the country. With test sites across hundreds of locations, including some of Germany’s major airports, they needed a mobile and webapp capable of supporting test booking as well as COVID-19 Green pass and check-in management to German government standard. And they needed it last week.


The App needed to work for a wide spectrum of demographics and thus be incredibly user friendly (despite the really short time frames!)

We simulataneously ran rapid UX prototyping, UI exploration, and kicked off development. Effective and open communication was key in ensuring all teams were working hand-in-hand to make fast decisions while continually solving logistical issues with EcoCare (as the German standard for Covid passes evolved) and navigating the App Store’s new Covid requirements.

New terminology for a new normal

EcoCare offers a variety of tests for different scenarios - in the short time available we started to design a visual language that would help users understand the differences, and select the right test type, across multiple languages.

PCR Test
Antigen Test
Antibody Test
COVID-19 Vaccine


iOS, Android and Web

The Ecocare app had to be widely available, easy to get to, and work for repeat visitors' on-going interactions with the system. We used React Native and ReactJS in combination with third party services and a UI component library to give us that wide coverage as quickly as possible.

Search & Google Maps API

We integrated Google Maps API to enable users to quickly find a convenient location to get a COVID-19 test.

Search by test type

Users could filter by distance, cost, and test type to get the results they needed.

Search by availability

Sign posting availability and next testing opportunity gave users the info required to make quick and convenient bookings.

Book appointments

Users could easily book and manage their COVID-19 appointments all in one place, helping reduce missed appointments and late arrivals.

Book appointments

Up to the minute availbility from multiple locations made the Ecocare app the best place to book a Covid test in Germany.

Book appointments

Uncomplicated booking confirmations and an easily accessible up-coming appointments section with clear time, date and location info, dramatically reduced the number of missed appointments.

Access records

Users had instant an easy access to their up-to-date COVID-19 records.

Access test results

Users could view past appointments and results whenever they needed, all in one place.

Access check-in behavior

Users also had a complete check-in history to make them more aware of potential exposure.


Users could Check-in to any location in Germany using government standard procedures.


Two way check-in was available for user speed and convenience. Reducing worry and hassle for everyone.


Updating the EcoCare website

As the product evolved EcoCare wanted to ensure their main organization website became the jumping off point for the webapp experience. We provided designs updates in Figma to match the new  booking app, and helped them reskin their internal booking management system.

9 different languages

With German residents and travellers accessing the app on a daily basis, we covered 9 languages across all platforms to help increase the reach of EcoCare’s service.

English language
German language
Dutch language
Chinese language
Greek language
French language
Turkish language
Russian language
Spanish language

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