Helping the leading online therapy provider expand their offering with Cognitive Behavioral therapy and HIPAA compliant Alexa skills.


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Product Design

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the brief - CBT exercises

Take some dusty old multi-page PDFs, that therapists were still handing to patients to fill out in the name of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and create a beneficial experience fitting for an online therapy offering.

the approach

Taking a lead from program-led improvement apps, from education to fitness to brain training, we looked to deliver a system of components that could be used to build a scalable system of engaging, repeatable, and beneficial CBT exercises.

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Accessible Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Using a clear design language extolling the benefits of CBT exercises, we designed and built a scalable system, enabling Talkspace to embed an accessible, tactile, habit-building therapeutic course right inside their existing app, without having to take their eyes off their day-to-day.

product design

An accessible and tactile experience

Creating a low entry barrier, clearly labeled, light, noise-free, beneficial experience was key to producing a system of exercises that were gain the buy-in of both therapists and patients.

Understanding past experiences
Focusing on a single task
Overcoming worry
Sensory awareness

product strategy & design

Re-usable components for scalability

We identified modules and components that were re-usable across multiple CBT exercises - from sliders, animations and multiple choice lists to mood trackers, affirmation cards and journal entries - and built an intelligent system using building blocks for speed and efficiency.

breathing exercises

slider component

mood tracker

Design process
“Features-in-a-box” approach



We designed a component based system and built one too. Without interrupting Talkspace’s day-to-day development, we worked closely with their internal team, building components in a demo app, and merging into their main project once they were ready to go to beta testing.

Our “features-in-a-box” approach is highly efficient and strips away the traditional blockers often experienced when two development teams try to work together.


“Alexa, open Talkspace....”

Alexa device
Alexa skill example

product design

Being part of Amazon's roll-out of a Hipaa complaint voice skill program

Talkspace wanted to be there, and take the opportunity to reach a new audience, and existing audiences in a new way.
Working with Talkspace and Amazon we designed the world's first Alexa skill that gave patients direct access to therapists.

GAD 7 & PHQ 8 assessments

Alexa skill example


Alexa skill example


Alexa skill example

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